HB100 Tablet Press Simulator


High Speed press for simulation of high speed production.
Larger frame to accommodate a high force option (up to 130 kN) and tri-axial Hiestand testing options
Lower actuator lock for single ended high speed tests
50 kN servo-hydraulic versatile double ended tablet press simulator
Configurable work space for tablet compaction, tri-axial, or capsule filling tests
Position controlled press simulation or research profiles
Load controlled material characterisation profiles and initial set-up studies
Single ended tests or double ended press simulation compaction tests
Upper and Lower force measurement loadcells
Optical encoder punch position measurement
One or two programmable electric hopper drives
Gravity, stirred or paddle wheel hopper options
Uses standard press tooling or an extensive range of instrumented tooling
Low power consumption from 3-phase power supply
Comprehensive data analysis software, output in CSV or Excel readable XML format
Automated analysis calculations
Automated multi-layer set-up
Select test profiles from a press library of production press profiles
Sophisticated and simple test set-up software routines
Software to 21CFR part 11 and GAMP5 standards
CE certified and complies with UL requirements
Uses standard press tooling or an extensive range of instrumented tooling
Fully contained working space enclosure available with glove port operation.
Low power consumption from 3-phase power supply

Performance Data

Double Ended rated force                  50kN
Max rated punch speed                     1000mm/s each actuator
Dwell time                                             < 1ms using V profiles
Data Acquisition                                  100kHz per channel simultaneous
Position resolution                               1 micron
Force resolution                                   < 1N
Cycle rate (single layer)                      8 tablets per minute, automatic fill