Test Fixtures for Universal Powder Compression Testing Machines

Many customers have existing “universal testing machines”, and use simple jigs and fixtures to perform powder compression testing at low strain rates. These can be tedious to use repeatedly, and often the instrumentation is incomplete.

Huxley Bertram make test fixtures that can be fitted into most makes of testing machine.

Easy tool change-over
Holders for B, BB, D, and F tooling
Convenient die fill by scraping over the die
Convenient die fill height setting
Drop down prior to compaction
Drop down for multi-layer work
Convenient manual ejection with an ejection cam
Optional lower loadcell for die wall friction and ejection force measurement
Optional punch tip separation measurement
Compatibility with Huxley Bertram instrumented tooling (see “Instrumentation”)
Improved safety with securely bolted test parts
Robust 50 kN capacity

Powder Compaction