Adhesion Punch

Tablet quality problems are commonly associated with the adhesion of powder particles to the punch tip. New and existing formulations can be characterised by measuring the adhesion force between the tablet and the upper punch when it leaves the top surface of the tablet following compaction.
The Adhesion Force Measuring Punch (Adhesion Punch) is designed for detailed studies of the adhesion force when making tablets. It is used on the Huxley Bertram Compaction Simulator, or the simple Huxley Bertram Tablet Test Fixture.
The Adhesion Punch is designed to measure tensile forces of just a few Newtons despite being capable of sustaining high compaction loads.
Tips are easily changed to allow different coatings or different surface features to be tested.

Punch type: B or D
Force capacity in compression: 30 kN
Calibration range: 0-20 N typical

A clean data trace of adhesion force is produced with high resolution. The tests shown here used variable amounts of sticky compound in each tablet to produce a series of force plots.
Ten position traces show as one line.