Temperature Instrumented Punch

Temperature is an important factor in any tableting process, but especially critical for temperature sensitive compounds. There is a lack of knowledge about temperatures during the compaction process due to the difficulty of measuring tablet internal temperatures over very short time periods. The new Huxley Bertram Temperature Instrumented Punch now gives a very fast response time to allow internal tablet temperatures to be measured at typical production press speeds. It is used on the Huxley Bertram Compaction Simulator, or the simple Huxley Bertram Tablet Test Fixture.

It is suitable for use with a temperature controlled upper punch and die set.

Punch Type: B
Force Capacity: 30 kN
Calibration Range: -10 to + 100 Deg. C

A clean temperature plot is produced with high resolution. The two test results show that a high speed low load test generates a higher temperature than a high load slow speed test. The thermocouple responds to the heat caused by air compression at the beginning of the compaction.