Core-Rod Tooling

Core-rod tooling is used for a number of advanced tablet designs. It can be used to make simple rings or encapsulated segments or complex dissolution profiles.

Both upper and lower punches can be made with individually actuated sleeves and core sections to achieve many complex tablet designs.

Compaction Simulation is of greater value when there are more production variables to study. The reduced time to market and decreased risk of production issues easily justifies developing complex dose forms on a sophisticated compaction simulator. Cost justification can usually be made on a single project. Efficient material sparing development is possible with one tool station that can accurately simulate a production press, and all movements are programmable.

Huxley Bertram compaction simulators use a configurable work space that allows easy installation of special tooling for complex dose forms. A powerful controller and configurable software ensure that any future requirements can be accommodated.

Core-rod actuators are available on models HB50 and upwards.