Potent Powders

Many powders are dangerous to humans for a variety of reasons, and many new products have unknown levels of toxicity at the development stage.
Huxley Bertram offer different levels of operator protection from powders used in the machine. These are applied to suit the customer’s lab practices and levels of potency of the compounds.
Options range from the simple vacuuming of the die table between tablets, to continuous air extraction and on to full containment. Full containment includes machine operation via glove-ports and “bag in/bag-out” air filters.
Simple removable tooling holders and an accessible uncluttered working area make for a quick clean down routine between projects.
Powder and compact handling can be further reduced by automated weight and thickness measurements inside the enclosure. Powder feeders may be filled on or off the machine.
Capsuling development and micro-tablet fixtures can also be used inside the containment enclosure, giving a full range of options in one material sparing machine.