Hiestand Tri-Axial Fixture

Hiestand testing of compressed powders requires a homogenous cubic tablet with no stress cracks. Ideally a large compact is required, but for material sparing requirements, small sizes are also used. To produce compacts free of stress cracks, tri-axial decompression is required.

The Hiestand fixture and the tri-axial control option together allow Hiestand compacts to be produced on the Huxley Bertram Compaction Simulator. If the “High Force” actuator option is chosen, then the larger size compacts can also be made.

The lower punch holds a retractable probe, which allows compacts to be made with or without a central through hole.

Easy change-over die faces
Easy change-over punches
Programmable pressure ratios

4 individual moving die faces
10mm to 19mm compact size
Up to 85kN confining force
50 kN or 130 kN axial force options (depending on machine choices)
Fast active pressure control relative to axial force